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Reckless Money High Pressure Foam Cannon is ideal for.  dealerships and detail shops. This Cannon is perfect for use with our thick, highly concentrated soaps. No pre-dilution is necessary, economically mixes requiring less soap and it eliminates the need for a bucket. The heavy duty design includes a quick release connector and variable, adjustable spray nozzle which puts you in control of the pattern and volume of foam/water that you wish to apply to the vehicle while washing/rinsing. 



Included with this product is the 1 liter liquid bottle and adjustable spray nozzle that attaches to your pressure washer wand. This Cannon automatically mixes as you spray, producing a thick blanket of foam to speed up the washing process. Fill up the bottle with soap, spray foam onto the exterior surfaces of your car, truck, SUV, orboat, agitate with a brush or mitt and rinse away for a quick and easy.


Clean that Renews and Protects and Shines like crazy!

*This foam cannon requires a pressure washer capable of producing 2.0 GPM with a operating pressure range of 1,000 - 5,000 PSI.

Foam Cannon

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